Frequently asked questions ..... continued

Q - Why is it so important for me to post my house numbers?

A - Posting your house numbers is crucial to emergency responders in locating your home in your time of need. Posting your house numbers makes it much easier for emergency crews to quickly locate your home during an emergency.

Q - Why does it sometimes seem like it takes forever for help to arrive?

A - Often times when a person is under extreme stress, such as during an emergency, time often seems to move slower than usual. In most instances emergency crews arrive on the scene of an emergency in only a few minutes.

Q - In an emergency, what can I do to assist emergency crews in getting me the help I need?

A - First and foremost, POST YOUR HOUSE NUMBERS. Make sure that they are clearly visible and reflective at night. If you live down a long driveway or path, make sure that your house numbers are indicated at the entrance to let the emergency responders know where you are.

If possible, have someone meet the ambulance at the entrance to the driveway or path and have them escort the emergency responders to your location.


Please remember to dial 911 in any emergency.