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In case of emergency, always call 911


Mutual Aid –

Definition from NYS DOH Policy:

From time to time, to meet peak demand or extraordinary resource utilization, it may be necessary to request assistance to answer a call or provide additional resources. This is the concept of and intent of EMS mutual aid.

EMS mutual aid requests must be made with the intent of having the closest available EMS unit respond to a patient's medical need, at a time when the resources of the requesting agency are temporarily unavailable or have been expended.


Triage Nurse –


A triage nurse performs the initial medical evaluation of patients visiting a hospital emergency department and determines the nature of the illness or injury, the severity of the illness or injury, and the resources currently available to sort patients according to the seriousness of the their medical condition first and then according to the their order of arrival.

Please remember to dial 911 in any emergency.