Frequently asked questions

Q - How can I become a PVEA member?

A - Call or stop in to the PVEA base for a membership application. Fill it out and submit it by mail or drop it off.

Q - How long after I apply does it take to become involved?

A - A PVEA member will contact you once your application has been received and will keep you apprised regarding its status. You will also receive direction at that time regarding orientation.

Q - Do I need any medical training or experience to apply for membership in PVEA?

A - No. Although prior basic first aid or CPR training would be helpful to start the process with PVEA, all training can be obtained through our organization once you have been accepted as a member and have begun training as a volunteer.

Q - How many hours am I expected to volunteer?

A - 12 hours per month is all we ask.

Q - Can I become a member if I have physical limitations?

A - A physical statement is required from your doctor when you apply. However, you can volunteer as a dispatcher, which is not physically taxing in any way.

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Please remember to dial 911 in any emergency.